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In the beginning...

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

From the beginning of our relationship my partner has joked that I should qualify as a massage therapist to save him some money. For years he'd seen a therapist regularly for various sporting injuries and general niggles. It wasn't until the 1st lockdown that it was even a consideration for me.

On a whim I looked at some courses and applied for the closest (don't do it, there are better courses!)

Going back to college was tough! 4 days a week at work, 2 days a week at college, with 4 kids and dog needing all things all the time. The research, the coursework, the revision. It.was.hard. And don't talk to me about the exam! I've not sat an exam since my A levels 20 years ago! Oh the anxiety!

So, out the other side and I'm qualified, insured and ready to go.

The path I'm on is very evidence based, all the science and all the research (no I don't like an easy life!) I plan to specialise in helping people with chronic pain and pain management using various techniques including acupuncture (coming soon) and manual therapy.

This blog will be used to keep you up to date on my journey AND the building of our bespoke therapy room...!!

Catch me daily on Facebook and Instagram too

Much love


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